rehearsal attire

​The dress code allows dancers to reach their maximum potential in class while demonstrating proper alignment and correct muscle use  to Faculty Members.  By following these guidelines our Faculty Members are able to focus on choreography and teaching the students.  All students are encouraged to wear their Zavirukha T-Shirts/Gear in Class and when representing the School at Festivals or Shows.

Girls Attire

Zavirukha T-Shirt.  Black Body Suit, Black Tights, Black Dance Skirt.  Shorts may be worn only when accompanied by tights.  Black is recommended however other colors may be worn.

 Boys Attire 

Zavirukha T-Shirt (to be tucked in for safety reasons), Black Dance Pants, Sweat Pants or Track Pants (not too baggy).

Adult Attire

Any combination of the following:
Zavirukha T-Shirt. Bodysuit, Tights, Dance Skirt, Dance Pants/Shorts (worn with tights), Yoga Wear, T-Shirts.


All students are required to have black ballet or jazz slippers with the elastics securely sewn on.

Moroz 2 - Red Teacher Shoes

Zavirukha - Red Teacher Shoes, Black Character Shoes & Red Boots.

Adult Classes - Black Character Shoes and/or Red Boots.

​Enrichment - Red Teacher Shoes